Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Measure of a Heart

No one can Measure a "Heart"by a yardstick or a scale; nor can it be touched like a tender petal; or inhaled like the fragrance of a rose.

No one can Measure a "Heart"by a dazzling revelation of wealth; nor by shiny golden trophies on the mantle; or bronze statues in the city square.

No one can Measure a "Heart"by the glittering lights on a Christmas tree; nor by the number of gifts underneath; or the extravagance they display.

A "Heart" cannot be Measured, but...it is demonstrated in so many ways:

as hands that wash the feet of others in a humble spirit; as the hands that reach out to the lost in a kind spirit;

as hands that lift the burdens of the afflicted in a courageous spirit;

as hands that bandage the wounds of the injured in a merciful spirit;

as hands that embrace the lonely in a compassionate spirit;

as hands that visit the fatherless and the elderlyin a tender spirit;

as hands that feed the hungry and the feeble in a loving spirit;

as the hands that wipe the tears of sorrowin a sharing spirit;

as the hands that soothe the distress of the mourning in a sympathetic spirit;

as hands that pray for supplication in a selfless sprit;

as hands that touch the "heartbeat" of others...

No one can measure a "Heart", for it is never still, but like the flowing river, is known only by its path.

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