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The management of genital lymphedema.

The management of genital lymphedema.

BJU Int.

2008 Mar 4

Garaffa G, Christopher N, Ralph DJ.
St Peter’s Department of Andrology, and The Institute of Urology, London, UK.


To report our experience and management of genital lymphoedema, as this condition can be extremely debilitating and difficult to manage.


The clinical records of 90 patients with genital lymphoedema who presented between 1998 and 2007 were retrospectively reviewed. The surgical management of 34 patients consisted of the excision of the affected skin and of the subcutaneous layers. This involved scrotal excision in 15 patients with primary closure. Skin grafts were required in seven patients for penile shaft cover. The results for cosmesis, recovery of sexual function, patient's satisfaction and complications are discussed.


In all, 56 patients were successfully managed conservatively by treating the underlying condition, antibiotic administration, compression and elevation of the genitalia. The remaining 34 patients required surgical management with an overall excellent cosmetic result and a significant improvement in sexual function.


When surgery is necessary for genital lymphoedema, the new techniques described provide excellent cosmetic and functional results.


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