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A Closer Look at Lipedema and the Effects on the Lymphatic System

A Closer Look at Lipedema and the Effects on the Lymphatic System

**Editor's note:  There is presently an article being published that frankly, has me very outraged.  When I can get the facts straight, I will be writing publicly about it.  In the meantime, because lipedema is mentioned in this article, I wanted to post some solid info on this condition.  The following is by Joachm Zuther, founder and director of the American Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS) and from his Lymphedema Blog.  I highly recommend both, the article and the blog. Pat**


Lipedema is characterized by symmetric enlargement of the limbs, generally affecting the lower extremities extending from the hips to the ankles secondary to the deposition of fat; upper extremities are affected in 30% (1) of the cases.  
Lipedema is not rare and not caused by a disorder of the lymphatic system, but is commonly misdiagnosed as bilateral lymphedema, extreme cellulitis, or morbid obesity.
Most commonly used synonyms for lipedema include:
  • Adiposalgia/Adipoalgesia
  • Adiposis dolorosa
  • Lipalgia
  • Lipomatosis dolorosa of the legs
  • Lipodystrophia dolorosa
  • Painful column leg

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