Monday, August 27, 2012

Lymphedema treatment in palliative care: a case study.

Lymphedema treatment in palliative care: a case study.

Lymphoedema treatment in palliative care: a case study.

August 2012


This article will focus on the evidence to support the treatment of a palliative patient who was diagnosed with cancer-related secondary lymphoedema. A case study approach has been adopted, which focuses on the anatomy and physiology oflymphoedema and how this is treated through an analysis of the treatment regimens. To establish the effectiveness of these treatment regimes, the use of objective and subjective tools will also be analysed to ascertain their importance within care. The findings of this case study and the supporting evidence indicate a positive correlation between the use of lymphoedematreatment methods in both limb volume reduction and quality-of-life outcomes. However, robust evidence is required to expand the importance of each treatment used in the area of lymphoedema management.