Monday, December 31, 2012

Angiosarcoma in a patient with congenital nonhereditary lymphedema.

Angiosarcoma in a patient with congenital nonhereditary lymphedema.

Nov 2012


Divison of Anatomic Pathology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 55905, USA.


Angiosarcoma is an uncommon but aggressive tumor of endothelial origin that may occur in the upper extremities of patients with postmastectomy lymphedema (Stewart-Treves syndrome) as well as in other regions. We present an unusual case of angiosarcoma associated with congenital nonhereditary lymphedema in an 18-year-old man. Our case underscores the need for a careful clinical examination and shows the importance of appropriate sampling and thorough pathologic examination of suspicious areas to exclude the presence of a malignant process.

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