Monday, December 31, 2012

Experiences of caring for patients with lymphedema and dementia

Experiences of caring for patients with lymphedema and dementia

Dec 2012

[Article in Japanese]


The Palliative Care Units, Sanshu Hospital.


Recently, the importance of prevention and care of lymphedema patients has been recognized. To improve edema reduction and skin condition, continued care is necessary. However, everyday care requires time and effort, and patients may neglect the required routine. Therefore, it is necessary for patients to recognize the importance of lymphedema and acquire the knowledge and skills to care for their condition. In the case of patients with dementia, it is important to ensure 1) comfortable care for the patients, 2) flexibility of care according to the physical and mental state of the patients, and 3) education of visiting home care staff.
**As more and more lymphers are aging, caring for those of us who have/get dementia will be a significant challenge.**