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Children's and Pediatric Lymphedema - Page Two

Complications of Children's Lymphedema (cont.)


Acute Cellulitis is one of the complications of lymphedema. The patient may not be aware of the source of the etiology. Sometimes it may be a cut, mosquito bite, open wound or other infection in the body.The first sign is increased or different quality of PAIN involving the lymphedema limb. The patients often describe this as a "flu like symptom or an ache" involving the Lymphedema arm or leg. This is usually followed by sudden onset of ERYTHEMA(redness, red streaks or blotches) on the involved limb. The HYPERTHERMIA(lymphedema limb becomes warm, hot) will follow and the patient may experience the CHILLS and even HIGH FEVER.

Long term Prognosis for Children's Lymphedema

It is not possible with certainty to guarantee what lymphedema will or will not do as a person ages. Much of the long term outlook rests of the severity of the condition, complications that arise and other related medical conditions.

However, by having your child diagnosed early and by learning about and insisting on the proper treatment techniques you can keep the condition under control and your child can look forward to a long, active and enjoyable life - despite the lymphedema.

Stages of Lymphedema

Stage 1 (mild) - Upon waking in the morning the limb or affected area is almost a normal size. The tissue is still in a "pitting stage" ( when pressed by a finger the area indents and holds the indentation).

Stage 2 (moderate) - The tissue is "non-pitting" (when pressed by a finger the tissue bounces back without leaving an indentation). The tissue has a spongy consistency.

Stage 3 (severe) - The tissue at this stage is hard (fibrotic) and will be only slightly responsive to the touch. The swelling is almost irreversible and the limb is very large and swollen. Infections are possible at any stage of lymphedema but occurrence becomes greater as stages progress. A swollen limb, left untreated, becomes hard (fibrotic) and full of lymph fluid which is high in protein and a perfect medium for bacteria and infections.

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